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ACCENTURE | 75,000 sf | Chicago, IL

Digital marketing and analytics company, Accenture, wanted to consolidate several of its related divisions onto two floors of the downtown office building it already occupied – creating what they have termed a “Digital Hub”.   While their previous space allowed them to be near each other, it did not promote interaction.  Baumann Studios was tasked to better bring these various groups of imaginative and strategic thinkers together in a more open and collaborative environment in the hopes of promoting a synergistic interaction of the creative and practical. Interaction being the directive, the new wood, steel and concrete staircase has become central in the day to day workings of the entire Accenture office – allowing for quick floor to floor commuting or, in conjunction with the adjacent café space, large town hall type meetings.  Along with an increase of personal workspace settings throughout, there are multiple types of meeting areas, ranging from highly digitally interactive meeting/ training rooms to casual collaboration spaces located along corridors – encouraging both quick impromptu exchanges or longer more in-depth meetings.  The invigorating pops of color which are located primarily in rooms / spaces of collaboration, draw the users in from the warm neutrality of the overall space.  Areas such as the game room and the large open break area accommodate moments of recreation or larger scaled meetings.  The overall popularity of the new facility has quickly made it the new benchmark for additional Digital Hubs worldwide.

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